We are celebrating national apprenticeship week 6

Screen-shot-2012-01-31-at-09.02.47Rebecca Cork, Neil Andrews and Cliff Davis attended Staffordshire County Council Apprenticeship conference on 26.01.12.  We have already recruited an apprentice in July 2011 to support clients with arts and crafts and activities. This person has nearly completed her Diploma level two. We are now looking for an apprentice to support our community support service. We have advertised with CQM and Staffordshire county council, due to the success with the current apprentice.

Our current apprentice is Ellie Robinson, who has nearly finished her Diploma level two in health and social care since being with us in July 2011. Ellie has now requested to do her Diploma level three because she believes by the end of April this year she will achieve her level two Diploma.

Ellie’s work has been used in a presentation on behalf of her college provider (Mercia College) as an example of how the Diploma work should be presented. Ellie states she has learned significantly more through working and training rather than sitting in a class room. Ellie has preferred to train in this way and Rebecca Homes is proud to support this.

We are planning to hold an event next week to support national apprentice ship week.

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