Visitor Information – September 2020

Important – Please read the following guidance

  • Please use anti-bac hand gel on arrival and regularly throughout your visit
  • Visitors to enter the caravan around the back – please follow arrows
  • Clients to enter the caravan through the front door
  • Wipe all touchable surfaces before and after use with anti-bac surface wipes
  • You must keep 2 meters apart
  • Visitors can use the outside toilet – please anti-bac wipe after use
  • Drinks can be made in caravan due to screen being in place
  • Drinks can be made in beach hut on your own (not with your relative)
  • Visitors can only be inside with their relative if the screen is in place and the room is well ventilated.
  • If possible, it is safer to visit your relative outside

Please note that the council have also advised the following:

  • Wearing masks
  • Only 2x consistent visitors per resident
  • Visitors to be supervised at all times – however as we know you all we are working on a trust basis with this.
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