Coronavirus safety measures at The Mount

Visitors are only permitted if a risk assessment is carried out by a manager and the risk is acceptable for managers. Visitors when visiting  can use the visitors room that is located in the outside grounds and not within the house if it is deemed an acceptable risk.  Visitors can also use the outside grounds of the care home and/ or outside games field. Toilet, sink and refreshments are available outside. If using the outside visitors room please open the door and some windows to ventilate the room. It is acceptable to turn the heating on in the visitors room whilst the door and windows are open we apologise in advance if it is cold please bring warm clothing if needed.
If planning to visit please contact a manager prior to the visit in order for the manager to complete a risk assessment.
An example of a risk assessment when staff interviews have been carried out they have been carried out in the activities field on a day when the weather is known to be good sat at distance. Visits now have to be planned and risk assessed. If visits are unannounced may risk being asked to leave.
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