Community Support

(no personal care*)

We offer support in Cannock, Uttoxeter, Burton, Rugeley, Tamworth, Barton under Needwood, Alrewas, Lichfield and surrounding areas.

community_supportSupport for children (8 yrs+) and adults

‘With everyone’s help I have come out of my shell and am  now doing really well with everything, and now with everyone’s support I am moving on into my own place.’

01543 472081

Principles & Rights

Right to Independent Living

If someone has an impairment which means they need help to fulfill their role as a citizen, then they should get the help they need.

‘I can get the support I need to be an independent citizen.’

Right to Self-Determination

If someone needs help to make decisions then decision-making should be made as close to the person as possible, reflecting the person’s own interests and preferences.

‘I have the authority, support or representation to make my own decisions.’

Right to Individual Budget

If someone needs on-going paid help as part of their life they should be able to decide how the money that pays for that help is used.

‘I know how much money I can use for my support’

Right to Flexible Funding

When someone is using their individual Budget they should be free to spend their funds in the way that makes best sense to them, without unnecessary restrictions.

‘I can use my money flexibly and creatively’

Right to Accessibility

The system of rules within which people have to work must be clear and open in order to maximize the ability of the person to take control of their own support.

‘I can understand the rules and systems and am able to get help easily.’

Capacity Principle

People, their families and their communities must not be assumed to be incapable of managing their own support, learning skills and making a contribution.

‘Give me enough help, but not too much; I’ve got something to contribute too’

Hourly cost to you

Staff will support the person from £14.00 per hour (other rates available on application)

What is Community Support?

Community support is supporting children, adults and families in their own homes and community.  We support people with daily life skills; activities; attending meetings; cooking; cleaning; shopping; paying bills; supporting you to access all aspects of society.  We cannot at present do personal care such as bathing, feeding, lifting or any physical contact as this comes under domiciliary care.

Who will help me?

All staff have been checked for suitability to work with you with DBS checks for children’s services.  Staff are stringently interviewed for their abilities and empathy traits supported by references and must adhere to our companies ethos and policies procedure.  All staff carry ID badges, we record staff identities and proof of address.  An induction programme is undertaken before staff can work with you, after six months experience in the residential setting to ensure you get quality and consistency of delivery of service to suit you.  We pride ourselves in that our staff have worked in our home prior to any community work being undertaken with stringent on going supervision throughout as apposed to some agencies who have lack of opportunity for management to be pro-active.

Your voice, we listen!

Rebecca Homes Ltd values your opinions.  Your needs are paramount and we will endeavour to select staff that have an empathy with you as an individual.  Periodic audits of your care are undertaken to ensure you are happy and anything we can do to improve.  If you are not happy with something you can complain and management will support you to use our complaints procedure. If you wish to make a positive comment we welcome all feedback and record your comments.

Getting around

Staff will support you in the community and assist you to obtain a bus pass.  Alternatively in some cases we can negotiate staff support in their own transport which incur a mileage cost to cover business insurance, fuel and wear and tear.  In some circumstances a company vehicle can be provided (details on request).

What can I do next?

Call: 01543 472081 or

We will arrange a suitable time and date to meet with you.

If you are happy we will arrange support to deliver quality care built around you as an individual.

*We do not offer personal care to any persons residing at Cedar House, however people we support are free to obtain personal care from other care providers.

The following services are provided:

  • Attending activities
  • Transport
  • Attending college
  • Support with life skills no personal care though such as budgeting, cleaning and cooking
  • Person centred plans
  • Writing support plans and risk assessments however with no personal care
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance
  • Painting and decorating
  • Organising appointments
  • Make telephone calls on the person’s behalf
  • Liaise with professionals
  • House check services
  • Companionship
  • Cleaning
  • Reading
  • Art and craft
  • Collecting shopping
  • Taking shopping
  • House sitting
  • Advice where to go for further support
  • Can access the sensory room at The Mount and the gym and internet cafe provided that age eighteen years plus the person does not access beyond this area into The Mount grounds and it is acceptable with Mount management.
  • Anything else reasonable requested.

Definitions of care as given by CQC registration guidance:

The definition of personal care is broader than that used in previous registration systems. Definitions of care add in personal care not just care. It covers:

(a) Physical assistance given to a person in connection with:

(i) Eating or drinking (including the administration of parenteral nutrition);

(ii) Toileting (including in relation to menstruation);

(iii) Washing or bathing;

(iv) Dressing;

(v) Oral care; and

(vi) The care of skin, hair and nails (with the exception of nail care provided by a chiropodist or podiatrist);
(b) The prompting and supervision of a person to do any of the types of personal care listed above, where that person is unable to make a decision for
themselves in relation to performing such an activity without such prompting and supervision.
‘Prompting and supervision’ means that services where staff prompt and directly supervise a person when they are carrying out the above actions

(i)-(vi). Supervision will normally include direct observation of the action as it is carried out or otherwise checking on how it carried out, but will not normally
include merely encouraging someone to perform the activity, or checking at some point afterwards on whether it has been done.

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