The Mount

Wood Lane, Yoxall

We currently have one bedroom space available at The Mount for full time use or respite.

mount-main-picThe Mount is a large and very spacious residence which is situated in a rural location set in the Staffordshire countryside, surrounded by open fields and a large garden and close to local amenities. Lichfield City and Burton upon Trent are close by as shown on the enclosed map. Public transport is easily accessible and a company vehicle is provided.

The Mount offers an extensive range of activities that enhance the the people we support’ quality of life. These include a greenhouse, gardening and games room. We also have a sensory room, internet cafe, gym, relaxation room, training room, visitors room, outside games area and country walks set on spacious grounds.

External activities include horse riding, bowling, fishing, cycling, cinema, holiday, boat trips which are arranged to suit individual requirements as well as group activities.

In addition, The Mount provides twenty-four hour care in a safe environment using experienced support staff. The ratio of staff is dependent on the individual needs of the the people we support.

Each people we support is allocated a key care worker who provides individual support and guidance and has links with local colleges. People we support are supported to shop to encourage independent living.

The mount is registered in accordance with the CQC registration certificate “Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care”.

Activities to suit you

  • Cinema
  • Holiday
  • Gym
  • Bowling
  • Fishing
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Internet Cafe
  • College
  • Meals
  • Visiting Friends

Feedback from the people we support

Since I have been at the Mount staff and also management have helped me build up my confidence and also my self esteem.

“You have helped me build up my independent living skills and how to go about all sorts of things and I am very happy with the service you have all provided”

Your home, your choice

Your choices to make the jigsaw fit

Putting people in control

The right to fulfillment

To support the people we support to achieve their full potential capacity, however small, in respect of their physical intellectual, emotional and social needs.

The right to autonomy

To maintain the the people we support right to self-determination and freedom of choice, subject to the limitations of group living.  The provision of choice with staff support, if required, to express wishes and preference.  This includes external help such as a councillor or advocacy services.

The right of self respect

To preserve the self respect of the people we support by maintaining their social status. Affording privacy in space, belief and opinions.  Recognition and use, where appropriate, of talents.  The practice of courtesy and respect.

The right of self esteem

To recognise the qualities, experience, talents and previous higher status of each people we support. To get to know relatives and visitors, then to use this information to maintain the morale of the individual.

The right of individuality

To respond to the individual needs of each people we support to enable them to maintain a particular identity in respect of beliefs, opinions and reasonable idiosyncrasies.

The right to quality of life

To expect a wide range of activities to be available, to enable an individual to exercise freedom of choice, and provide opportunities for shopping and self defined visits.  To provide facilities for each people we support to follow their own religious or political pursuits within the confines of the law and recognise the necessity for privacy to carry them out.

The right to take risks

To allow all the people we support to undertake activities which contain an element of risk, the criteria being the individuals competence to judge, and the risks to others.

The right to freedom of emotional expression

To maintain the the people we support right to have opportunities to develop personal relationships within the home and in the community.

We can be contacted twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year on the landline number which is 01543 472081 . Other ways to contact is by fax on 01543472086 or email using

For information regarding the services that Rebecca Homes Ltd provides please contact Cliff Davis, Neil Andrews or Rebecca Cork on 01543 472081, or use our contact form.

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Confidentiality policy and the UK-GDPR

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