Lyndy Morris is commencing a diploma in Mental Health Nursing

Lyndy Morris, our activities coordinator is commencing a diploma in Mental Health Nursing. This will benefit the company relating activities to mental health and developing the skills of our staff. Lyndy set up a week to celebrate Diginity Day. The actual Dignity Day was on 25.02.11, however she started to celebrate it from 21.02.11 until 27.02.11.

She drew a bare tree on a large white board in the hall way. Visitors, the people we support, and staff were encouraged to complete a leaf and stick it on the tree. On each leaf they were requested to write what they believe dignity is and to put an inital on it. At the end of the competition, house prizes were given out to everyone for contributing to the tree such as a cookery book and DVDs. On the last day, the 27.02.11, Lyndy cooked some home made cheese scones with cream tea and sandwiches to celebrate the successful week they had.

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