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– Please make sure that Harvnider and Sam do LF tests twice weekly and does a PCR test once a week. All agency staff basically.

– A rmender the council is encouraging one hundred percent vaccinations in care homes staff and people living there. This is the a way to help stop the virus.

– We are still to test all visitors via LF testing eg contractors. Were the OT specialists asked last week? NHS staff and CQC staff and social services staff do not need to test if they can prove they had a LF test within the last three days or a PCR test. They must provide though proper proof eg there ID and the text message word of mouth is not acceptable.

– If some one tests positive with Covid then they no longer have to PCR test or LF test for 90 days this has changed originally had to still LF test but miss the PCR test.

– Regarding SH moving in he will have to isolate for 14 days when moves in, in his bedroom. He will need a PCR test on the day he moves in. However, he can do his full isolation for 14 days at home it would be worth asking SH Mum if she will start isolating him on 30 March 2021. SH is classed as a new admission to the care home. This is the same scenario for any respite clients.

– If we have an outbreak that is two or more people within 14 days testing positive for covid. We have to LF test daily for seven days staff and clients. We also have to twice that week test PCR test this is staff and clients. Day one of the positive result then on day four to seven.

– According the Government, every care home resident will be able to nominate a single named visitor who will be able to enter the care home for regular visits. These visitors should be tested using rapid lateral flow tests before every visit, must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow all other infection control measures (which the care home will guide them on) during visits. Visitors and residents are advised to keep physical contact to a minimum. Visitors and residents may wish to hold hands, but should bear in mind that any contact increases the risk of transmission. There should not be close physical contact such as hugging

– Care homes can continue to offer visits to other friends or family members with arrangements such as outdoor visiting, substantial screens, visiting pods, or behind windows

– My advice that is Rebecca Corks advice as we have such good facilities at The Mount to continue using the substantial screen in the caravan and the outside visitors areas by the beach hut putting the heater on if need be. Also there is the gazebo outside the caravan. The Government advice of one visitor in the care home may cause confusion and further problems. It is a more relaxed and safer atmosphere outside for everyone. Still continue to LF test.

A message from Staffordshire council 26.03.21

– A variety of adult care providers have recently enquired about whether they are required to report single cases to their local health protection team or not. We are advising all services, including non-registered services such as day opportunities, to report single cases:

– To the local Health Protection Team via their online reporting system, emailing:, or telephone: 0344 225 3560 (opt 0 opt 2).

Here is the link below for on line

Visitors up date May 2021.

Every individual living at the mount can nominate up to 5 named visitors who will be able to enter the care home for regular visits.

To reduce the risk of infection the people we support can have no more than 2 visitors at a time or over the course of one day (Unless visiting outside up to a maximum of five people).

The named visitors should be tested using rapid lateral flow tests, should wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), maintain social distancing and follow all other infection prevention and control measures during visits. Named visitors can carry out personal care and come into close contact provided they complete a lateral flow test that is negative and have no covid symptoms, wear gloves, apron and mask provided by Rebecca Homes Ltd.

Named visitors and the people we support are advised to keep physical contact to a minimum. Visitors and the people we support may wish to hold hands, but should bear in mind that any physical contact increases the risk of transmission and PPE will need to be worn provided by Rebecca Homes Ltd, apron, masks and gloves. For this reason, there should not be close physical contact, such as hugging.

PPE is not required if visiting outside using the outside beach shed area (not inside the beach shed) seating and provided a two-meter distance is maintained. If not wearing PPE please do not share the beach shed room with your relative. All visitors are welcome to sit inside the beach shed whilst making drinks, waiting for their relative, waiting for a lateral flow test result, they can use all facilities in there such as massage chair and watch the TV. If wanting to see relative inside the beach shed area masks will need to be worn and if touching gloves and apron.

To support effective infection prevention and control in care homes, named visitors:

– should be tested using rapid lateral flow tests in line with their testing regime detailed below and produce a negative COVID test prior to their visit and if comes back positive to go home and request a PCR test. (Visitors are welcome to wait in their cars or in the beach shed or outside seating whilst waiting for the lateral flow test result). It is advised not to let your relative know you have arrived until after a negative lateral flow test result.

– Your temperature taken by staff and recorded in the visitors book if temperature over 38 degrees to not commence the visit. (Thermometers are in the beach shed and outside the beach shed).
should wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), maintain social distancing and follow all other infection prevention and control measures during visits if close contact or visiting inside.
Other friends or family members (the non named 5 visitors) can visit provided the visit is either in the mobile home with the screen in between visitor using the opposite entrance to the person we support. Visitor enters the mobile home at the far end where the gazebo is. Or alternatively of which is preferred and safer to use the covered over outside heating area next to the beach shed keeping a two meter distance. Please note the mobile home has to be pre booked.

– All visitors to lateral flow test on arrival and use the anti bacterial gel.

– Visitors can help themselves to drinks in the beach shed. It is preferred visitor’s to use the outside facilities and sit outside and if need be use the outdoor heaters next to the beach shed where the outside covered over area is this is safer for everyone. Also to use the outside toilet allocated for the beach shed area.

– There is PPE in the beach shed and in the mobile home and lateral flow tests, this is for visitors use, the people we support use, staff use and contractors and anyone else such as professionals visiting.

– Please make yourself at home in the visitors areas we have tried to make them as homely and comfortable as possible.

From 21 June 2021

People living at the home will be able to visit a relative overnight away from the care home provided a risk assessment by the manager permits it.

It is advised the relative has had both covid vaccinations and the other people living in the place they are visiting unless they are under the age of eighteen.

Also locally there is not an increased risk of covid for example lots of examples of covid outbreaks in the area.

The person going on the visit will respect covid rules and their relative. The manager to do a risk assessment of the visit, who is at the home where they are visiting and if people have been vaccinated and current rates of covid. A risk assessment to check safety of the visit. The person they are visiting completes a lateral flow test on the day of the visit of which comes back negative.

In the event of an outbreak at the home all external stays and visits should cease. Until fourteen days after the last laboratory confirmed positive case.

Tradespeople and professionals visiting the home.

Examples are training providers, builders, maintenance people, gardeners, cleaners.

All are required to have a covid vaccination, both of them is preferred but minimum one vaccine. Staff to check and confirm this. When confirmation is confirmed to save keep asking the contractor, log their response on the managers calender one drive of the contractors or professionals vaccination status. If not vaccinated not permitted into the home.

All staff are also required to have both vaccines Government are announcing the time frame of when this is to be accomplished by.

Relatives visiting the people we support do not have to be vaccinated although strongly advised to.

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