Halloween Spooktacular

We started our Halloween Spooktacular with a deliciously disgusting meal of Eyeballs & Brains (Bolognese, tagliatelli and tomato’s with Mozeralla as eyes) followed by a gruesome jelly complete with Marzipan fingers and lychee eyeballs, we also made terrifyingly tasty eyeball cakes.

We had fancy dress costumes and masks and got the party started by playing the following games: Dangling Doughnut Challenge (using mouths only to bite the doughnuts off the string), Apple Bobbing, Mummy Racing (split into teams it was a race to see who could create the best model mummy using toilet roll), Blind Tasting (guessing unknown foods by taste only) and The Box of Horrors (feeling & guessing what was in the four compartments of the Box of Horrors)

In between these games there was lots of fun, laughter and dancing in the spookily decorated lounge, a great night was had by all!

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